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A True 80's Party

So, in honor of our first official musical, Lusher High School (which we shall the school of the Oppressors), Fame, our school decided to have an 80's dress up day. We all dressed up like we were in the 80's. For those of you who might not know, the 80's was a time period in the 20th century, most known for it's drugs, music, and funky dress style.

      Meredith and Kirsten in their costumes. No, they're not really from the 80's, they just dressed up like they were.


Bradley as his 80's self. No, he's not a time traveller, he really lives in this decade.

  My costume. I dressed up like I was in the 80's. Kirsten to my right.

   Photo's from the sneak preview.

   No, they're not worshipping her, they're just dancing around a car- They're gonna live forever!

Meet Seven

So, I'm at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, right, and I'm at the Stingray touchpool, right. The rays in that pool are actually called Cow Nosed Rays, I'll have you know, and they are much smaller than stingrays and their barbs are located on a different part of their tail.  So, I'm just there, chatting with Gabby (who... we'll call sea otter monkey) and all of a sudden, a ray SPLASHES ME ON THE BUTT!  It was really wet! It scared the pee out of me (ha ha, yeah right...) and I would post a picture of my wet pants, but it's not that kind of blog. Posting pictures of NON ANIMAL things! What? That's crazy! 

So, I don't think I ever introduced Seven, also known as Mr. Fish. Mr. Fish was a surprise anniversary gift for my parents. At the end of May, I went to the Reptile show, with Tahir (who we will call Urban Grizzly) and bought a very pretty Beta tank. I bought a white one, since white is marriage, right? And in August, a few days before their anniversary, I walked over to Causeway Pets to "buy crickets" and I did, but I also got Seven. He's a pretty blue beta. We have never had a blue fish, before. We've always had red and purple, and I have always wanted blue, so blue it was! He just stood out to me. Now, I always hate having to choose, especially animals. I usually get ones that stand out to me, such as Kaci, Truska, Henri, and Tallulah. So, that's the story of Seven. He came with us, and on the way back, I was soaked because his tank leaked. The seat is still wet...
  Meet Seven (Mr. Fish)

Sep. 5th, 2008

So, many folks keep nagging me to update this stupid thing. It's a blog. Blogs annoy me. The only reason I am making one is to attempt to annoy and get revenge on my family. Seriously, if I get one more e-mail giving me an update on my great- great grandmother's brother's son's uncle's kid, I WILL explode. There's no doubt about it. So, you want an update, ok. Here's an update. A hurricane hit. Gustav. Everyone running around freaking out that this storm will be the end of us, but New Orleans really doesn't need to worry. It's not going to be bad for NOLA, but no one listens to me. Like usual. So, they told us to get out. We evacuated to Baton Rouge. Smart choice... So, it took two cars and two hours (really good, though!) to transport: 2 dogs, 3 cats, 22 millipedes, 1 roach, 1 bearded dragon, 1 bird (we got a bird!), and about 4 dollars worth of crickets. The bird's name is Sky, and I don't know if it's a male or a female, so don't ask me. I don't have any pictures yet, so once again, don't ask me. So, we evacuated, like I said, to Baton Rouge, which was REALLY smart because not only did Metairie do fine, but the eye went to Baton Rouge. Great Job, mom and dad, great job. So, at Baton Rouge, we went to my aunt, and I guess he is my uncle's house. I always called him Uncle Harold until someone so nicely pointed out that he wansn't my uncle. So now, he is just Harold. And he is currently my favorite family member on my dad's side, I think maybe out of everyone, but I'm not sure yet, I still have to think about it. So, for now, he is my favorite on my dad's side. The top three are: Harold, Ernie, and Sara (all prone to change).  Of course parents don't count because every teen hates their parents, so they are automatically disqualified. I am so bored... Baton Rouge. Right. So, we went to this little tiny suburb. I don't like the "burbs." All the houses are the same and different at the same time, it's creepy. At the house, there were the homeowners, the homeowner's dogs, the sister and spouse of the homeowners, their two dogs and one cat, and us... need I say more. A tad bit of information: we are the worst house guests you will ever meet. We are. We're everywhere and we get in the way. And I'm amazed that some people put up with us. Poor, people. So, Hurricane hits, blah blah blah. Trees fall, babies cry, etc. And we lose power. For days. Most of us are so used to this due to hurricanes and storms past, so it's nothing new. We can live this way, stumbling over each other, dying from the heat. The problem is there's nothing to do except look at each other long enough that you don't really believe they're there. Or play games.

We had cards, scrabble, boggle, and UNO. The problem is with games in the dark, and since it is a hurricane, people have this tendancy to cheat. And that sucks. So, no power, loads of animals, nothing to do, you get tired. And sleep. That's all I did- sleep. And that really sucked, too. Sleeping is not fun unless you're having fun dreams. So, when they finally lifted the madatory evacuation on Jefferson Parish (yes, Parish, you county folk seem like you live in the country) we returned, to no power. But we had windows. So, all the windows were opened, and I created a window box garden with my pretend flowers, and a beanie baby snail (all gardens have snails.) and we dealt with the heat.
My window garden:

So, last night, when it suddenly got cooler in the middle of the night, I had a dream that the AC turned back on, and they fixed the power. It was so realistic, but untrue. So, got up this morning started cleaning the room, and all of a sudden, it got so much brighter, and I couldn't figure out why. Oh, yeah, I left the light switch on, thinking the fan would turn on if the power came back. But the power was back on! So, we got exctied, but left the windows open. It still felt nice. If I had my own house, the AC would be off, and the windows would be open, and the fans on, but alas, woe is us, and the parents are the wardens, so what they say goes, With much protest at times. I'm get distracted now... So, power's on here, all is well, we're alive. Fin.

Adam came over yesterday with Doug, and Henri had a fit. I put his muzzle on, but he was very unhappy. Kaci and Doug were fine, but Henri tried to attack him, but he couldn't bite. So, now, all of our walks incorporate Kaci being off leash, and Henri with the muzzle. Poor baby.


Just took some pictures of the bird.

  Wondering what the heck I'm doing.

Hanging from my headbands... DO NOT POOP!!

So, that's all for now. Talk to you in another  few months!

Does no one understand satire?




Ever wonder what inspires me to write this stupid thing? Well here it is! 


Offsite Clearview Adoption Day Results

From Diane:
First of all.... to Joy Patin and staff at Clearview - THANK YOU for the great set up today and the space you so generously provided to the LA- SPCA.  We had a GREAT DAY and look forward to returning again in the fall.
To everyone who brought baked goods and contributed to raffle prizes - THANK YOU!!!!!!  Mary Ann Brown, Denise Ponce, Luna Rabalais and Maddy Melancon did a wonderful job pulling those tables together.  We will let you know how much money was raised today for HW treatment.
Kudos to Ashley Harris who oversaw set up and managed to get 8 new folks to sign up as members of the shelter!!!!
To everyone who helped at the shelter during the week and then again today at the shelter and Clearview -  you are super!!!!! This was a huge event and it would not have happened without each and everyone of you. We had a record 31 volunteers. WELCOME TO DENISE PONCE LUNA RABALAIS , Victoria Vicidomina and Tony Graffeo who were with us for the first time.
Here are the results:
We brought 20 dogs and adopted out :
Jade ( who had been in foster care for Heartworm Tx with her fairy godmother Helen Hester and fairy godauntie Sara Shull)
MJ   ( HW +)
Snowball ( HW+)
Jake ( HW +)  Will go to his new home during the week after neuter.
We brought out 8 cats.  Adopted were:
Sophie the ragdoll
Sissie Pierre - white cat
Beebe - buff colored 3 mos old
So, on the way to Slidell. Patty and I are going to the Reptile and Exotic animal expo, with the parents of course. So, we end up taking a turn into some Malibu Barbie Suburb. Now, I wrote down the address for the show, and my mother mapquested it. Note to anyone, mapquest makes things SO DIFFICULT. Anyway, after laughing at the perfect SIMS houses, we decided that we were lost. So, finally dad brings out Cecilia the GPS unit, and we find the place right as I remember it was located at Crazy Carls Fireworks! Now, my mother was confused. "Crazy Carls?" and I politely inform her that everyone knows Crazy Carls. It was funny. Even though it happened in Slidell. 

     The reptile show was pretty small. Patty got a recently hatched Speckled Kingsnake, and I got a few millipedes. 20 to be exact.

Entry # 3:

So, Tahir (for her privacy, we'll call her Urban Grizzly) dropped Lemon Pie, her Leopard gecko off at my house last night. Lemon Pie and I will spend the next couple of weeks chillin' together. Her fish, Red is also joining us. 

Today, Sonar got adopted!
Congratz to him and his new family!

So,my dad said he would be able to get me 50 crickets for a buck, which is very exciting (and not a bad deal). I told him I need small crickets, so he says "ok." A few days later, he brings home the carton which I can't see into. I'm excited, of course, and I open it up to let them into my cricket keeper...
It was not what I was expecting, so I will admit, I was shocked. So some escaped. Which made me mad. Now Tripod ALWAYS loves Cricket Day, and she knows when it's time to transfer. (Aye Aye, Warden!) She came and assisted me with the transfer process. Now, the ones that managed to escape, I caught. I caught all of them.
                                                                        EXCEPT ONE
 But Tripod was chasing it, so everything was ok. She would corner it and I would catch it. That simple. But the hunt was taking way too long, so  I finally gave up and gave her the go- ahead to kill it and eat it.
                                                                                                            And I left.

THEN, hours later, I went back into my room. And right there. Right where I was tranferring crickets just a few hours before, the escapee was there struggling on her back, slowly dying. Taught her a lesson, that's what. And that's what she gets for running away. And to all those prisoners out there, learn from that cricket's mistake. If you escape, you will die.

Entry # 1: Introduction of the animals

In order to update my family on what's happening in ours (because they REALLY care so much) I, too, have started a blog. And I have decided I will sporadically call them and quiz them. Like they do me. Asking if I read the weekly update... 

First we will start with introductions of animals present, past, and eventually future. 

Rainbow Flower Rose Precious Zerlin

Rainbow came into our family about 12 years ago. He takes after Grandpa with his grouchiness and his snapping. They would get along just fine. Over the years Rainbow has accomplished a lot including mouse killing, frog catching, and dog hitting. When last weighed, he weighed 17 lbs. 

Kaci Lou

Kaci came to the family after the loss of our beloved dog, Bounce. She is a hyper little girl who just loves attention. Border Collie and Corgi, of course explain everything!


Henri was adopted in 2004 when he was found wandering my grandmother's block. We caught him, brought him to the SPCA, then adopted him 2 weeks later! He is Kaci's sheep (herding dog, white and fluffy, you do the math) and my mum doesn't trust him at all. He might attack someone. 


Grits was turned into the shelter with a rotten leg (literally) so it was removed. Our family fostered her and was ready to give her back to the shelter when Hurricane Katrina hit, causing the family to keep her and dub her Tripod. 

The Critters
 The pedes are just great! They are so nice and sweet. With the recent passing of Peter Pan, we are left with Peanut (Penelope) and Persephone. 

  The Roaches. With the passing of Sting the Undertaker (A.K.A. STU) Fuzzy Wuzzy is left by himself. A bit unsocialized, but a very lovable roach. 


  Truskomina (pronounced Trooskomina) is a bearded dragon about 3 months old currently. A real sweetheart, who LOVES her crickets. 


  The most recent addition to the family, Tallulah was adopted from the shelter. Relinquished because she didn't get along with other cats, she has now become the Thibadaux office cat, where she spends her days sleeping somewhere where no one can find her. 

Those are the animals, and for the sake of privacy, I'll call Rainbow-Big Bear, Kaci-Fast Bear, Henri-sheep Bear, Tripod- legless Bear, Peanut- Pea Bear, Persephone- Greek Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy- Fuzzy Bear, Truskomina- Scaley Bear, and Tallulah- Slim Bear.  I am, of course,  Anonymous as any knowledge of my name or self would put my family in serious danger. Remeber, privacy.